Cystatin C egfr - affected by exercising?


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My creatinine usually gets really high for the days following exercise to the point my traditional EGFR goes from high 70s down to even 40s if I do it the days after an intense back or leg workout because of the creatinine elevation

I just ordered cystatin C since that apparently isn't affected by muscle mass (I'm 240, 19" arms much more muscle than a "normal" person and work out very intensely 4 x a week), is it safe to take the test without cutting back on my work outs?

Also is it affected by what you eat? One time I took a regular egfr test a couple of hours after hitting a Brazilian BBQ and eating several pounds of steak, the results were.. interesting. Luckily my old dr was fine with it.

Nelson Vergel

Hi Bubbs

Cystatin C is not affected by body weight, creatine supplements, exercise or diet.



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Thank you Nelson! I hope the test results are good, the roller coaster numbers from traditional creatinine testing has got me a little concerned


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I'll post here as soon as I get the result

for context,

Xmas 2018 eGFR If Africn Am - 48 (worked out 1 day before, ate, dehydrated)

June 2019 eGFR If Africn Am - 84 (no exercise for a week pre test, fasted)

Xmas 2019 - 55 (ate a ton of meat before the test)

June 2020 - 68 (no exercise for 3 days prior, ate cheeseburger that morning)

My other numbers are all fine but this and BUN to a degree seem to go up and down depending on my routine so it's really hard to see if I'm ok or not lol

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