Custom vitamin formulations based on blood/saliva labs

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Does anyone have experience with a company that formulates custom vitamin/mineral formulas based on your blood and saliva labs? I've heard of these but cannot find much on them. The concept seems to make sense.
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Never heard of this type of customization but if you do find something please let us know...I for one would be very interested.
We provide Genova lab testing, a company which has an array of testing panels which analyze vitamins, amino-acids, food allergies, and other specialty testing. Samples are taken via urine, blood, and/or saliva. You would receive a test kit in the mail which would be taken to a local lab for drawing, usually Labcorp or Quest (which are everywhere). They do take insurance however it is limited. They have a co-pay program where you pay fee (between $99-$199) and if your insurance denies the test, the copay is all you end up paying. The cash prices can be quite expensive. I can get you a discount but test panels still range from $300-$900 out of pocket. This is their website: Due to the cost, and probably the complexity, we do not receive requests too often, although in the past 10 years I have seen these tests done (and personally completed the AminoAcid/Neurotransmitter test in 2005) and indeed they provide detailed data which is translated into layman terms. I found I needed more l-tryptophan due to a serotonin/dopamine imbalance. I still take tryptophan to this day. You really only need to do these tests once unless you want to follow up to see how the supplementation has changed your results. I have always found there testing to be interesting, and the Genova manager we work with tells me more MDs are ordering these tests in mainstream (not just alternative) practices.

Test results can be sent to Metabolic Maintenance who can then customize a supplement based on the results. I typically advise patients not to go this route as customization is quite expensive. You can supplement by purchasing the individual items needed as outlined in the Genova test results. This is usually far cheaper. We can also use compounding pharmacies and provide a prescription for customized vitamins (prescription is free, no Dr apt needed if ordering just nutrients, just contact Defy Medical) including injectables, powders, and capsules. You could also find the supplements at discounted sites across the web, just be conscience of quality.

Lastly, I must add that although Genova provides unique testing in the area of nutrients, foods, etc, you can find a much cheaper source for hormone testing and even some nutritional testing. Contact me if you are looking for something specific or more information on various testing, I can provide the needed details (within the field of hormones, nutrients, neurotransmitters, etc).
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Jasen, thanks for the informative post. I've seen the Genova site before, but forgot about them. I would be interested in exploring this further with you guys for my wife and myself. I'll read through the blogs a little more .. If I need information on details and cost should I contact you directly?
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