Compounding pharmacy that takes insurance?


Nope. The only way I've been successful is to purchase with no insurance and then turn the receipt in to your pre-tax flexible spending account for re-imbursement.
Now this is what the Government should be doing. They should require companies who provide insurance for prescriptions pay for all prescribed prescriptions and not get to pick and choose.


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The problem is the compounding pharmacy market is a flyspeck compared to Big Pharma. Big Pharma greases a whole lot of politicians, basically all of them. And don't even get me started on the FDA. So, that will never happen, unfortunately.


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BCBS covers my HCG through Walgreens specialty pharmacy. I have Carefirst Standard. According to the staff at my urologist's office, I am one of about 10 guys in the office (the practice prob has about 4-500 patients) there whose insurance covers HCG. Not sure if they are all other BCBS or not. I pay a 65 dollar copay for each monthly supply of it.

In my case, the doctor had to articulate that it was for secondary hypogonadism to get it covered. Not sure if other insurance companies have different rules for it. Hope this info can be useful to some guys on here to give it a shot. I attached the thing from my login and stuff but I blocked out my rx number and date filled just for privacy..


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