Coaching Men to Optimize Health and Life: Interview with Jody Licatino, Founder of Thumos USA

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Nelson Vergel


Nelson Vergel, author and founder of and, interviews Jody Licatino, founder of an innovative program called that provides hands-on tools for men to optimize not only their health but also their lives. He has 25 years of corporate experience in leadership and team management that he now applies to empower others to fulfill their potential. His like-minded Thumos community is dedicated to optimizing life for its members, by focusing on the body (nutrition, hormones, performance, recovery) and mind (mission, vision, planning, etc.). It’s designed to help men live full lives and to live life fully awake, with purpose, productivity and meaning. It’s about helping men become better husbands, dads, friends, and brothers. Here are some of his programs:

WEEKEND EXPERIENCE Come get away and reconnect, in nature, with like-minded brothers to learn, share and optimize. Recharge, refocus, and gain clarity for your life, with support to make it all happen!

INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP Meet weekly with our private coaching & mentoring group, via Zoom, to optimize life as a man, and experience true connection and growth. Unlock your full potential with men who are real, and who have your back!

PRIVATE COACHING & CONSULTING Optimize life, leadership, and/or health via one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions.

For more information, visit

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Nelson Vergel

Thumos is a great community for coaching and mentoring that helps fathers get the most out of their bodies and minds. I highly recommend it to any man struggling with not being their best. Visit

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