Chronic Back Pain relief!!


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Ive been suffering from a chronic low back sacrum stiffness for almost a year now. According to MRI i have L4 L5
disk degeneration. I have upped my hgh to 2.5 IU daily and wonder if this helps or hurts my cause. What are some things you guys take for daily pain that wont be bad long term. Ibuprofen and Tylenon mixed work pretty good but probably not good long term. BPC 157 didnt help either


Serrapeptase and Nattokinase help with inflammation and pain. I get them on Amazon. Its probably not going to totally eliminate your pain, but it should help and its cheap. Might be worth giving it a 30 day trial and see.


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This is my opinion. The best exercise for back pain, I believe is low squats. It has done wonders for my back. I even squat all the way down to the floor, with no weight. I believe it's great for my knees and also my back. I also like to do one legged squats, again all the way down to the floor.


I do have bulged discs/sciatic pain, arm pain from discs etc...quite chronic, comes and goes for 1+years or so, but here is what made this go away 90% at least, can't say what helped the most
a) good PT
b) weight loss
c) curcumin (doctor best, 2x a day before bed)
d) pregnenolone 30mg before bed
e) bromelain
f) topical: DMSO GEL in the AM - this will cause a strong burn sensation for 30min or so. do your research about DMSO before using. it needs to be 70/30(water). I do use this brand:
g) DMSO 5ml 1x a day internally (again do your research, dilute it) - if you want study dmso further read Hartmut Fischer DMSO book. overall DMSO is an amazing very versatile substance


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I've had the same problem since '94. I get mild, transient paresthesia in my left leg too. I'm able to just tolerate it but occasionally take 3.5mg Norco + 200 mg Ibuprofen if I really feel uncomfortable or want to take a long hike. Best thing you can do is maintain flexibility and best for that is yoga. And walking. I've tried PEA also, but results were uncertain for me but it's something different you may want to look in to as everyone is different. See here:

I've taken fisetin as as a senolytic and it was notable in that it completely eliminated my back pain for a few days. I only did that twice and it was high dose, not something you should do on a daily basis at all. But it was certainly curious and unexpected.

So, my therapeutic regimen for decades has been:
analgesics as needed
ice for acute stages

Oh, forgot to mention also a medium- large therapy ball you can lay over which opens up the disc spaces this helps some low back sufferers more than others. Another-
Take a neutral back position whenever possible-this is where you lay on your back, bring legs up 90 degrees passively resting them on stool or couch. (like butt up to front of couch with legs resting on seat.)
I have an inversion table I use sometimes too.

I used to get free massages from a physical therapist but since she retired after doing PT for forty years and being married to me for the same amount of time, I'm not so lucky now :) But I still get free advice. Which I don't need though now :(


I had lower back pain for several years and treated it with 2 ibuprofen per day. Ironically, the pain vanished after being on Clomid for 6 weeks. I no longer take ibuprofen. I am not sure if higher T levels repaired a lingering back injury or if it was simply a coincidence that the pain stopped.

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