Can't put on size/mass my limbs

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My current VL is 150 and my CD4 is about 350. All of my other "numbers" are within range.
I have no other health concerns other than chronic allergies/sinusitis.

I was diagnosed early this year and have been so Stribild since then this month makes about 8 months.

I workout on average 4 times per week. I went from to 166 at the time of starting meds to 178-180 since being on meds.
I eat 3 (sometimes 4) meals per day . Two protein shakes, creatine, 40 mg of DHEA, .5 MG of anastorzole, and semorelin injection daily.
Despite of how frequent I'm lifting, or how heavy, I'm even super setting which in the past (prior to meds) would throw size/muscle mass on me. I can't put any mass on.
It seems like all of the weight that I've putting on, is only going to my stomach but I CAN'T put any muscle mass on my limbs despite of all the efforts attempted.

I'm at a loss...Can anyone advise if it's because of the meds? Or what I can do to put on muscle mass?
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Thanks Nelson! I took anastrozole around april this year one pill weekly for about 8 weeks and stopped for about 3-4 months. I started taking it again once weekly like 2 weeks ago.
My last blood work my numbers where "within range" and my testosterone went from in the 787'ish range to the 900'ish range. ( think out of max rage of about 1,100)
My estradiol was 37% out of a possible 42% max range
My diet hasn't changed much (if anything its gotten better) since starting diagnoses and meds. And the intensity of my workouts are have gotten back to normal. Previously I could do the same workouts and put on mass and keep my pump fairly consistently. Even tweaking my workouts, I cant put on muscle mass or keep my "pump" afterward.
Would too much anastrozole contribute to my difficulty to put on muscle mass as well?
Thanks for your insight
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