Can erythrocytosis cause a stroke?

So my understanding is that if it is TRT raising your hematocrit levels, this is erythrocytosis not
Polycythemia (Poly).

Poly can cause a stroke but can erytho?
I should be watching platelet counts and not hematocrit/hemoglobin?.. my platelets have not gone up in the 4 years on TRT
That donating blood is actually bad for me because it lowers Ferritin levels.
Is there any point that I should be worried just from the hematocrit levels or will they maybe top out at 60?
What are normal levels for people living up in the mountains for hematocrit?

This is all new science.. or maybe just clearing up confusion from Endos (and others) not diagnosing correctly?

Let me know if I have this correct. It explains why people living up in the Colorado mountains are not dying right and left.
What's everyone else doing about blood draws?


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