Blood sugar issues


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Greetings. I spoke to an alternative medicine doctor, well he has a certification wellness through a chiropractic association, like DCNAB.

I spoke to him about brain fog, trouble focusing, hormonal problems, and he said that my symptoms sounded more like blood sugar issues or blood sugar control.

I’m starting to think he’s right as he called me when I was waking up and had the buzzing in my body like I could feel the blood my circulation system. Sort of like a light brushing feeling on the inside. Plus forgetfulness that happened overnight(felt pretty sharp last night before bed).

Blood tests always indicated normal fasting glucose, and I have been losing fat/ building muscle extremely well recently. Sometimes I have days where I look unusually fatter like a before/after fitness program advertisement.

Is there anything I can try blood sugar wise to help symptoms or see if this is a good avenue?


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If you have the symptoms of an underlying issue, then the best way to identify a problem is testing the blood. Symptoms sometimes have not relation with problem, as they come due to psychological issues, but tests are necessary to identify the issue.


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It may be that your pancreas is working great or just the opposite. The only way to know is by the two hour glucose tolerance test.


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Discount Labs does offer it.



You can also buy a glucometer off of Amazon. The are inexpensive and it will give you a pretty good idea if you are having trouble regulating blood sugar.


Sounds like it could be from other causes, not just glucose metabolism. For example, the symptoms you describe sound a lot like some of what I have been experiencing for the last year from anemia.

That said, glucose numbers are one thing, GTT is another, but for an even more comprehensive outlook into glucose metabolism, consider Hba1c and add in insulin. The modified Kraft test is pretty easy to put together. The full on Kraft test is like a 5 hour glucose tolerance test, but includes insulin labs as well. It turns out that with fasting glucose and insulin and 2 hour post prandial, you can get essentially the whole picture. You can DIY, by ordering two glucose and insulin tests, having the first drawn when fasting, then eating a heap of sugar or high gycemic white potatoes or rice, and having the second draw at 2 hours after eating. if insulin remains high at 2 hrs, you have a problem. Look up Ivor Cummins, Nadir Ali, Arthur Agaston for more info.

And regarding glucose meters, I have had terrible luck finding one that is actually accurate. I have had CMPs including glucose done on average weekly due to having leukemia, and have tried calibrating several diabetic glucometers to these university hospital run lab tests as reference and I haven't gotten a single meter that is anywhere close to accurate. Typically they are 15 or more points off, and their error response is not linear. i.e. you can't just subtract a constant to compensate. These meters have been worthless.
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