Blood results show low T and low E2, what to do ? Gynecomastia Issues

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Hey all,

I have only posted once before, have used a fair bit of steroids in the past, has problems recovering, see this thread (

At one stage my test was 245 ng/dL (not sure what e2 was at that stage)

Went on 250mg and .5 adex for about 6 months got results about 1350ng/dL and e2 was around 22

Dropped test dose a little then came off maybe 6 months ago, having alot of issues with gyno lumps giving me pain, used novla & hcg, ran out of adex (prescription from aus, been living in Thailand)

Cant get astra-zeneca adex here and not sure about other brands.

Anyways, had my bloods done the other week test was 327ng/dL and e2 was 6.9pg/mL

Not sure what to do from here, because my gyno lumps are pretty bad and hurt even at these levels,

I want to see a doc and have them removed, also want to get back on test cause I feel very average, lost alot of muscle and im guessing these levels are not healthy either.

Sorry for the messy post, will be thankful for anyone's advice.
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Can anyone explain my nipples hurt, I have lump in both sides since I was a teenager and the got worse when I used testosterone, but now the lumps are just sore and sensitive even at 6.9pg/mL, does the low T have something to do with it?


blitz hi, that's interesting about your nipple sensitivity, I never have had nipple sensitivity, but I also know some women do and some don't have nipple sensitivity. I wonder if some people are just more prone to it?

Nelson Vergel