Anybody else having trouble with Empower?

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I always get FedEx emails that Empower originates telling me tracking information. Is it possible this is going to spam or junk mail by chance?

Nelson Vergel

I talked to one of their operation managers and this is what she said:

" When we receive scripts from bill patient providers we speak directly to the patient & at that time the patient tells us if they want a tracking number sent to them via email. The call tech then confirms the email with the patient for accuracy & we enter it into the patient profile. Our data entry team then puts that information into the patient's profile when typing the prescription. Once the patient order is assigned a tracking number then UPS pulls the email out of our system & that is what they use to send the tracking info.

Even with all that being said, getting patients tracking numbers from UPS or when we were with FedEx has always been an issue. A lot of times it does go to the patient's junk/spam folder within their email. Sometimes it doesn't show up at all, this is an issue with the shipping carrier that unfortunately we on the inside cannot fix. What the patients can do is call us & ask for it, we can double check their email address & we can verbally give it to them as long as it has already been assigned a tracking number."
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