Any info on Dr. Bawa in Destin, Fl

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I’ve got a follow up in Santa Rosa Beach on Thursday with one of his nurse practitioners. I saw Dr Hansen initially, she wasn’t bad.
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I’ve only been there once. They ordered the basic panel. I’m already on T and was looking for someone to manage it who accepts my insurance.
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I was already on 300mg q2w but changed to 75mg q4d on my own. They haven't changed anything yet. I've got my follow-up in a couple of days.
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I saw his nurse practitioner and she was awesome. We discussed options and she’s allowed me to be the driver after we’ve discussed options. I’ll definitely be seeing her again.
I actually started seeing his p.a. and she is just great. I'm still on the same dosage of testosterone cyponaite and ipamorelin/cjc1295. Although I receive my ipamorelin/cjc1295 thru absolute pharmacy.