Any good docs in northern MD/south central PA


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I live in south central PA, and am trying to find a good TRT doc that people have had good experience with. I've only seen an urologist so far, and wasn't impressed with him, and so I want at least another opinion or two. I'd prefer someone open minded enough to try low-dose Clomid therapy first, which the first doc wasn't.

I would also prefer someone that takes insurance, as the last time I went with a doc who didn't take insurance, over the years I was dealing with him, I could have bought a nice Mercedes with the money I paid him for his help (he did help me, it was just really pricey).
A doctor who takes insurance is more than likely not going to be up to speed on TRT, he/she will be not be treating men with a low cost, low profit treatment. The whole point to managed healthcare is the money which requires doctors to shuffle through patients quickly in order to make a living. This means coners have to be cut since insurance companies have doctors on short leashes, minimal care, minimal testing.


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Yes, I know that. I simply cannot afford to go that route again. I did that for my Lyme disease/parasitic infection doc, who didn't take insurance because a) alot of the stuff he did was considered experimental and therefore non-reimbursable, and b) he didn't like the insurance company's bean counters dictating what treatments he could use.

But over the years I saw him, I could have bought a nice Mercedes with the money I gave that guy. Even though he helped me, I still have some lingering issues that may never be resolved.

I just can't afford to see him anymore.
Your post caught my attention. I live in Towson and finally just beat chronic Lyme (for now) after a long three year battle. It wrecked me but I am better now.

I go to Dr. Karen Boyle at Chesapeake urology. Nice doctor, tons of empathy, Conservative typical TRT regiment. They take insurance.

I also went to Dr. Dan Jaller in Rockville for Lyme. He is a science based Lyme literate doctor, he won’t try and sell you a bunch of BS supplements. He does not take insurance, but he’s reasonable.

Finally, I just visited the LifeMed Institute in Timonium yesterday for the first time. Typical hormone and anti-aging clinic. However, they too are familiar with chronic Lyme (their director of operations had it), so I’m going to have them run some detailed blood tests on Monday.

I’m in great shape, live a healthy lifestyle, but my sex drive has dropped big time, despite self injected TRT therapy through Dr. Karen Boyle. It is my thought that three years of Lyme, running a fever for 24/7, a dozen different antibiotics wrecked my system. I’m 48 and raising three teenage boys full time on my own, that probably has something to do with it. I’ll let you know how it goes.
BTW- I tried clomid, didn’t like it. Left me feeling cold inside. If you have decent insurance testosterone should only run you $10 to $40 a month. Learn to self inject and life gets a lot easier.
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I ended up making a couple of appointments with a endocrinoligists in PA, one for late August, one for October! :mad: The current urologist I am seeing doesn't impress me at all.

What kind of fees does LifeMed charge? I assume they don't take insurance.