Amlodipine lowers hematocrit by hemodilution

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Any thoughts? Hematocrit and blood viscosity were significantly lower at 4-8h after Amlodipine administration

“ The causative factor for the reduction in these HR parameters is the reduction in Hct. It is interesting to note that the Hct reduces by 10.33% of its original value at t = 4 h. This reduction then tapers off to 8.18% at t = 8 h, 3.86% at t = 12 h, and 1.66% at t = 24 h. Thus, it reaches its minimum with the maximum drug concentration, and as the drug concentration reduces steadily, magnitude of Hct slowly comes back to its original value. However, even at t = 24 h, as long as the drug level has not reached zero, reduction in Hct too is yet to reach zero. ”
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I say don’t mess with hematocrit. The new levels are the new normal. Testosterone “resets” what your normal is. Unless your face looks like a tomato and your bp is high.
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