13 % of Axiron Gets Transferred to Shirts

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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
Satonin DK, Ni X, Mitchell MI, Joly H, Muram D, Small DS.

Amount of Testosterone on Laundered Clothing After Use of Testosterone Topical 2% Solution by Healthy Male Volunteers.

J Sex Med. http://www.jsm.jsexmed.org/article/S1743-6095(15)00023-5/abstract

INTRODUCTION: Testosterone 2% solution (Axiron) applied to armpit(s) is used for replacement therapy in men with a deficiency of endogenous testosterone.

AIM: To determine the amount of testosterone on subjects' T-shirts 12 hours after applying testosterone solution, the residual testosterone on subjects' T-shirts after laundering, and the testosterone transferred to unworn textile items during laundering with worn T-shirts.

METHODS: Healthy males >/=18 years old applied 2 x 1.5 mL of testosterone 2% solution to both axillae (total testosterone dose: 120 mg) and dressed in cotton long-sleeved T-shirts after a >/=3-minute waiting period. T-shirts were worn 12 hours before being removed and cut into halves, after which a 10 x 10 cm sample of each armpit area was excised for testosterone quantification before or after laundering with samples of unworn textiles.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Testosterone on worn T-shirts before and after laundering, and on unworn textiles laundered with the worn T-shirts.

RESULTS: Twelve subjects enrolled and completed, with only minor adverse events. Mean testosterone in unwashed worn T-shirts was 7603 mug, with high between-subject variability (3359 mug to 13,069 mug), representing 13% of the dose to 1 armpit. Mean testosterone in worn, laundered T-shirts was 260 mug (7.55 mug to 1343 mug), representing 3% of the dose to 1 armpit. Mean transferred testosterone to other textiles during laundering ranged from 69 mug on texturized Dacron 56T Double to 10,402 mug on 87/13 nylon/Lycra knit, representing 0.0382% to 5.78% of the dose to 1 armpit.

CONCLUSION: Thirteen percent of the testosterone applied to axillae was transferred to T-shirts during wear. Ninety-seven percent of the transferred testosterone was removed from the T-shirts during washing, some of which was then absorbed to various degrees by other textiles. Clinical implications of these findings and biological activity of the remaining/transferred testosterone are unknown.
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Sean Mosher

I'm currently with PrimeBody and used Testim briefly some years back.
My brother is currently on it and I'm sure at some point, like most folks, his ability to absorb it will decrease and he'll have to switch.
I know everyone is different, but is there a common/average time frame for when the testim will stop being as effective??
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