1. G

    Progesterone’s effect on prolactin

    Does exogenous progesterone lower prolactin levels?
  2. M

    Healthy Prolactin level

    I have finally decided to check on my prolactin, test below taken one hour before my weekly injection. 330 reference Range (86-324) considering I am a bit on the high side I believe after my injection I will go higher right ? should I try to lower prolactin a bit ?
  3. G

    Bloodwork comparison after 10 weeks of TRT

    Hello, friends. This is my first post here. I really appreciate there is a forum to talk about it, so I thank you all in advance. So, I started TRT 10 weeks ago. This is my pre-TRT and 10-week in bloodwork. Most recent on the right side. My protocol is 120mg/wk test cyp along with 250ui EOD of...
  4. O

    Prolactin 3.6 NG/ml. Causing sexual dysfunction? Caused by Curcumin?

    Hello all, I've been having very weak orgasms, low semen volume, very low penis sensitivity for around two years, maybe longer. I am NOT on TRT. My Prolactin came back at 3.6 ng/ml with a reference range of 2.0-18.0. Could this cause an issue? Is this low? Also, I just read that Curcumin...
  5. P

    Cypionate + HCG - zero libido :(

    Hi All! My first post - I hope you can help me! I am on 0.2ml Cypionate (200mg/ml - so 40mg) and 250IU HCG 3 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). Sub Cutaneous for both. I sleep well and don't feel fatigue in the daytime (unlike before TRT). I am tapering off Mirtazapine - down to 7.5mg from 30mg 2...
  6. R

    Perplexing result.. thoughts?

    Hi there, I'd really appreciate any thoughts or guidance on protocol/results below. I am quite surprised by the prolactin result, and even the T and E result as I am on a low daily dose and this is before my next injection. Any thoughts would be very appreciated. Purpose is TRT and not sport...
  7. R

    Prolactin level

    I am on opioid pain medication, I think that is why my prolactin is out of range little elevated. How can I reduce it, with vitamin or other way? Mine sometimes from 22 to 49. Never comes in normal range which is 2 to 18 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) Is it safe to use cabergoline for a...
  8. J

    Testosterone fine but crashed prolactin/no pleasure

    Hi All - thanks for listening to my story below and would welcome any help Due to a case of acute urinary retention (caused by an anticholinergic) back in early July, I had to go to the ER and was sent home with a Foley catheter for 2 days, and it was taken out on the 3rd day Voiding slowly...
  9. D

    High prolactin causes high blood pressure?

    Never heard anyone mention prolactin being correlated with BP, but did a google: In humans, several studies have shown that increased levels of prolactin are associated with elevated arterial pressure (18, 19). In the opposite direction, a loss-of-function SNP in the GPR10 gene, which codes for...
  10. T

    Have any of you dealt with prolactin issues?

    Sometimes I wonder if my issues with E2 have to do with prolactin levels. If I don't take a hefty dose of AI erection quality is poor, libido is not happening, unbelievably emotional, and sex seems to be one trigger for me becoming emotional. This never used to happen until a year ago. I have...
  11. mairomaster

    Ejaculation effect on Prolactin blood levels

    It's widely known that ejaculation temporarily increases Prolactin levels in the blood. That's why it's commonly recommended not to ejaculate 24 - 72 hours before running bloods, if Prolactin is included. My question is, does anybody have a more specific idea about what change percent wise we...
  12. A

    Low E2 but high prolactin?

    I have had high prolactin before which was mainly caused by an intense workout the day before the test but usually it also comes along with a raised E2. My recent test showed E2 as 20 pg/mL but Prolactin was 800 mU/L on a range of 80 - 320. Libido is on the floor and I am struggling with energy...
  13. H

    Numb Penis, Anorgasmia during Sex, Low Cortisol, High Prolactin on TRT

    Have been on clinic TRT after AAS abuse as a 24 year old male for 3 years. My natural levels were 691 at age 24 prior to my reckless, careless decision to hope on anabolic steroids at 24. Since then I've tried to come off several times but always ended up inevitably relapsing when the pct or...
  14. Robotics

    High E2 Prolactin Low SHBG

    Been on 10mg cypionate IM a day for 5 weeks. prolactin and E2 are on the high end. I got a prescription for 0.0625 AI pills, I am considering starting with 3x a week. 1. Is my prolactin High due to my e2 and should it follow e2 down if i take ai? should i add in p5p? 2. I have my honeymoon in...
  15. J

    I Have a prolactinoma

    I recently had an mri because of an elevated prolactin level on blood work. There is a small mass on my pituitary gland. Im bringing this up on this forum because over the last few years there has been a backlash against ai's. There actually is some research showing elevated estrogen causing...
  16. S

    Macroprolactin - has anyone treated it here?

    Just got some bloodwork back...I've had macroprolactin for a while (supposedly biologically inactive prolactin bound to IgG) but it's hitting some new highs lately, while sexual function is hitting new lows. My neuroendocrinologist thought it was from elevated E2 from TRT (E2 can drive...
  17. D

    Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin): Effect on Lab Tests

    PARTICIPATION NEEDED! Of those EM members that have taken nandrolone or are currently taking nandrolone alongside their TRT, we are conducting a small ExcelMale study to help determine the effect that nandrolone has on Total Testosterone, E2, Prolactin, SHBG, free T, and DHT while taking TRT...
  18. S

    DA quinagolide makes libido instantly worse

    I finally received quinagolide (another DA like cabergoline) from Canada and took a quarter tablet the last couple nights to see how I feel. well it’s been subtle nausea, dizziness, and this mental fog. And worst of all, NO libido. This is not unlike how cabergoline went for me. Made things...
  19. S

    Benefit from a DA (cabergoline) without elevated prolactin?

    I've been prescribed cabergoline for a few years now (pituitary tumor), and the side effects have driven me away. Bromocriptine worked a little better (it's weaker), but the fatigue was unbearable. My doctor helped me get quinagolide from Canada, which is a non-ergolide DA. It's apparently more...
  20. Z


    Hello, I had my labs drawn a couple weeks ago. One thing I forgot to put in my previous post was my prolactin was a little high at 15. Can I lower my prolactin by lower my dose of testosterone? I’ve just noticed my libido is better when it sits around the 5 mark. Thanks.
  21. G

    How Long Can I Use Dostinex to Lower Prolactin

    What's the maximum time I can use dostinex? How long time after stop it my prolactin can raise? What's the minimal effective dosage? Thank you friends
  22. S

    Prolactin climbing, TSH periodically elevated

    Before starting TRT, my TSH was going something like 1>1.5>2.5 and then on TRT 3.25, and now back to 2.2. Waiting for my consult with Dr Saya next week to discuss in more detail. Alongside it, my prolactin has been climbing. It normally sits around 20-30, but lately has gone into the 30s and...
  23. E

    Arimidex and e2/dht?

    Since arimidex blocks the conversion of T to E2, would that mean that it drives dht higher since that's the other hormone T coverts to? If not, where does the t go? Does it get expelled or converted into something else? Also, it seems like high prolactin reduces dht by 58 percent in a study I...
  24. S

    Endocrinologist in New York ?

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend an Endocrinologist in the New York City area. Specifically to treat thyroid issues. Thank you
  25. A

    Estradiol stimulates cortisol production

    I was looking for something else, when I came across this study: Estradiol stimulates cortisol production by adrenal cells in estrogen-dependent primary adrenocortical nodular dysplasia. - PubMed - NCBI It's an old study and it has been performed on a single patient with ACTH-independent...
  26. D

    Etiology: What do you think caused your low T (hypogonadism)?

    Hey everyone, I had a though and felt I'd ask everyone. What do you think caused your hypogonadism? I was thinking about my etiology and realized I don't particularly have one. I did have an one sided orchiectomy (removal of testicle) for cryptorchidism, but that wouldn't have an effect on my...
  27. S

    OPEN STUDY: What levels of free T, Testosterone, E2, prolactin, cortisol do you feel best at?

    All of us are following our protocols quite blindly, trying to optimise but unsure what values to optimise to. The lab ranges vary between countries and labs. The NHS for example sets it upper T limit at 750 - whereas many people in the US naturally have higher levels than this and are perfectly...
  28. joshmaximus

    Prolactin and premature ejaculation

    Hello guys, I was wondering if there is a correlation between prolactin and premature ejaculation? Lately been dealing with premature ejaculation where I cant last more than a second or two. Labs recently done and am on the higher side of prolactin range....12 range is to 15. Dont know if my e2...
  29. Z

    High Prolactin and Estradiol in 33 y/o

    Been a while since I was on this site, but I just discovered this dedicated Prolactin subforum, looks like theres loads of good stuff stickied, so have lots of reading to do! In the mean time I thought I'd post here. I started a thread in the TRT subforum a while back, and have since had a few...
  30. B

    19 Y/old Blood results show High Prolactin and Oestradiol

    My recent blood results show levels of Prolactin at 513 mU/l and Oestradiol levels at 146pmol/L, I had a blood test because I thought my issue was low Testosterone but it seems it may be a pituitary issue, my symptoms are: -low sex drive -lack of facial hair -lack of masculine features -low...
  31. C


    I got my lab results and I’m wondering about prolactin. I can’t find much info in regards to TRT. My estradiol is a little low, prolactin is high and test is high. Estradiol 16.3 Testosterone 1595.3 Prolactin 17.4 My test dose what cut to 100mg per week from 200mg. I don’t mind that...