Low Testosterone; HCG Update; Good Results

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Hey all, I didn't see a category for posting about HCG just i figured basics was the place to go! I posted some months ago with questions on my HCG prescription for low testosterone. Promised I would update after results. I had a normal level of LH on like every blood test besides like one some months before I was prescribed to HCG (tested at 1.1) so it might seem a little strange that it helped.

My experience with it:
Blood results day before I started on 2/13/18: Free T = 64. Total T = 418, LH = 3.3. It tended to fluctuate between 325-425 depending on the day I guess...

I began 500 IU HCG every other day on 2/14/18. (NOT TAKING ANYTHING ELSE) Last blood test 5/24/18 - My Free T = 160.5, Total T = 738, Estradiol = 36, Estrone = 55.

I'm 22 y/o with history of T in 200's until 19, 300s- low 400s there after until 2/13/18. Libido increased, finally growing happy trail, chest hair, beard, and ass hair, less joint pain, increased energy, no voice cracks anymore (used to get them consistently)
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Sure am! Thank you. Seems to be less common for low T so figured I'd share as it does help for some people. Maybe more so for the younger crowd.