6 weeks into daily injections. Labs don’t make sense me!

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6 weeks into daily injections. Labs don’t make sense to me!

Hey guys! I just got back on injections after being on clomid for awhile. I’m 6 weeks into daily injections at 20mg a day just got my first set of labs back and I’m puzzled.

Protocol: 20mg daily
Age: 30 years old

Testosterone: 664
Free Testosterone: 176.6
Estradiol: 54

Red Blood Cells: 6.07
Hematocrit: 50.8
Hemoglobin: 15.4

What’s going on? My body seems to be reacting to a high testosterone dose but total is lower than expected. I’m confused. I have an arimidex rx on hand but didn’t want to just start taking it as i am very sensitve to it. HCG is coming this week and I would like a fine balance before adding it in to my protocol.

Any thoughts?
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We need lab results with reference ranges.

Also, which Estradiol test did you have done? Was it the Estradiol, Sensitive, LC/MS test (8.0−35.0)?
Basically, with less frequent injections your peak levels will be higher, but your toughs will be lower. What you are seeing is more of a steady state level switching to daily, so labs may be lower than what your prior labs showed, depending of the timing of the blood draw versus last injection.
I'm injecting 20mg of T cyp daily, I know another member who needs 28mg daily for good results. It just shows how different we all are.
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Sorry. Here are the lab ranges:

Testosterone Total LC/MS/MS: 664 (Range: 250-1100 ng/DL)
Free Testosterone: 176.6 (Range: 35.0-155.0 pg/mL)
Estradiol (Sensitive): 54 (Range: < or = 39 pg/mL).

I was expecting a higher total and possibly lower estradiol levels because of the daily injections, and definitely a lower red blood cell counts. I had red blood cells elevated like that when I was on a 200mg/week protocol awhile back. But I am slightly overweight maybe there is more aromatization going on? Like Vince said, everyone is truly different!
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