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    22 years old treated with Clomiphene monotherapy, still have symptoms

    I have hypogonadism. I'm 22 years old with a total T level of 294.5. LH and FSH are also low normal. My doctor put me on clomiphene citrate to try and get my testosterone level up, so I took it for 6 weeks and it got my level up to 638, but I don't feel any different at all. Still tired, lack of...
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    Healthy 22 year old with 298ng/dL total test.

    Hi everyone. I decided to post here because I am at my witts end with the issues I've been having. For the past year I've had low testosterone. Testing at 348, 327, and now 298 ng/dL over 3 tests the past year. I live a healthy lifestyle, I go to the gym daily and love weightlifting. Diet is...
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    Enclomiphene WAS working fantastically. What todo now?

    A classic enclomiphene/clomid story? I have been on enclomiphene with Defy for about 4.5 weeks at 12.5mg/day. It took about a week or two to feel the effects but when it did, nearly all my low-t symptoms were alleviated. More energy, strength, a libido, no more ED, far less anxiety, motivation...
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    About to start Clomid (22M)

    Hi guys, I was prescribed clomid at 12.5 mg EOD to jumpstart my testosterone. Here are my bloods: Total Test 270 NG/DL (264-916) Free test 8.7 pg/ml (9.3-27) DHEA 190 ug/dL LH 1.7miu/ ml (1.7-8.6) Estrogen 7.6 pg / ml(8-35) TSH 1.7 mIU/ml (.45-4.5) Shg 40 nmol/ l I was wondering if anyone has...
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    Very low T in mid-twenties

    Hello! I'm a 25 year old, norwegian male. I've been experiencing close to all the symptoms of low T to a greater or lesser extent for the last 5 years or so. They've been most notable for the past 1-2 years, with a constant increase in severity as time goes by. The most notable symptoms are...
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    Concern about long term HCG and potential permanent down regulation of FH and LSH

    I'm 24 and have had my T levels tested 3 times in the last 3 months and my levels have consistently come back low. The highest test level was 350 and the other times have been mid 200s. I live in the Washington DC area and its pretty difficult to find any knowledgeable Dr's in the area. About...
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    25 Y.O Considering TRT, struggling with symptoms

    Hey, first of all, I'll start with saying how these past two years have been absolute hell. I'm 5"8, muscular and generally in shape. I used to work out regularly until I just had to give it up because of the symptoms I experienced. I've always had issues with mood/depression but never...
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