whole eggs

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  1. BigTex

    Whole Eggs or Egg Whites?

    Stephan van Vliet, Evan L Shy, Sidney Abou Sawan, Joseph W Beals, Daniel WD West, Sarah K Skinner, Alexander V Ulanov, Zhong Li, Scott A Paluska, Carl M Parsons, Daniel R Moore, and Nicholas A Burd. Consumption of whole eggs promotes greater stimulation of postexercise muscle protein synthesis...
  2. Vince

    20 Reasons Eggs Could Be Your Secret Weight Loss Weapon

    20 Reasons Eggs Could Be Your Secret Weight Loss Weapon https://www.msn.com/en-ca/health/nutrition/20-reasons-eggs-could... Egg Yolks Contain a Nutrient Essential to Metabolism. Choline, only found in the yolk of eggs (so … Vitamin D in the Yolk Can Be a Belly Fat Buster. “Egg yolks are also a...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Eat the Whole Egg: It is Better for Your Good Cholesterol

    Egg consumption modulates HDL lipid composition and increases the cholesterol-accepting capacity of serum in metabolic syndrome. Authors: Andersen CJ,et al. Lipids. 2013 Jun;48(6):557-67. Epub 2013 Mar 15. Abstract We recently demonstrated that daily whole egg consumption during...
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