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  1. T

    Does Pot Increase Estradiol?

    Does smoking weed every night increase estradiol/estrogen levels?
  2. T

    Marijuana and alcohol effect on testosterone

    I'm going to a new testosterone doctor and had a few questions: Does marijuana increase estrogen or cause gynecomastia? At 175MG of testosterone cypionate every 6 days intra muscularly and HCG sub q, do I need anastrazole? Does drinking a good amount of alcohol hinder the benefits of TRT...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Colorado's First Recreational Dispensaries Set to Open on January 1, 2014

    Colorado's first recreational dispensaries are officially set to open on January 1. While it's a fluid situation--and history in the making--the state of Colorado issued 348 licenses to operate this week, 42 of which will be able to function come January 1, 2014. This news means that it's...
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