vitamin c

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  1. M

    What is the Daily recommended vitamin c dose

    I can’t find this anywhere in the forum.I am doing 1000mg but I think you can do 2000mg safely ? How much do you take ?
  2. J

    Low Vitamin C Levels in Covid Patients

    A study showed that more than 90% of ICU patients with covid-19 had undetectable Vitamin C levels: "Plasma vitamin C levels in a population of adult ICU patients COVID-19 who met ARDS criteria according to the Berlin definition were prospectively measured. None of the patients included...
  3. Gianluca

    Do antioxidant supplements interfere with skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise training?

    This is a concept was introduced to me by following Jerry Brainum. It seems to be a good idea not to ingest high doses of Antioxidant such as Vit C, E Coq10 about 2/3 hours before or after training not to interfere with the antioxidant body mechanism which in the phase of adaptation to stress...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Antioxidants for the treatment of male infertility: an overview

    Almost 15% of all couples trying to conceive are affected by infertility, and in almost half of these cases male infertility is the sole or a contributing factor.1 Male infertility can have several causes. The most common is idiopathic oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT),2 which is a condition in...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Vitamin C in Citrus Fruits Increase IGF-1 in Women

    "In conclusion, we found that women with higher intakes of citrus fruit and dietary vitamin C had higher circulating concentrations of IGF-I and lower concentrations of IGFBP-3. These results raise the possibility that higher intake of this fruit subgroup and its vitamin C constituent may be...
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