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    Testosterone Cypionate Losing Potency?

    I am nervous my T-cypionate is losing potency based on how I am injecting. I’ve been using insulin syringes to both draw and inject testosterone. Since it is hard to draw up the testosterone with the insulin syringe, I generally pull my plunger back much higher than my intended dose (to .4...
  2. C

    Different vial color concern

    I’ve always had dark vials from hikma/Actavis but this time it is clear same manufacturer. I noticed it looks like the same tint as their progesterone vials and I’m concerned they mislabeled. I have picks of old vials vs the new clear one
  3. A

    Vial expiration question

    So I was using a 10ml vial from Walgreens back in February and couldn’t find it so moved to the next. I did about 5 shots. Well today I found it safely stored in a drawer room temp and was wondering if ti would be safe to use after my current vial (so like June) or would it lose potency by then...
  4. V

    Loading the syringe is difficult

    I’m trying to load T in the syringe, but the air pressure inside seems off. I will add or pull air, but it’s either pulling mostly air and the liquid slowly drips down, tiny air bubbles are forming at the syringe, or the plunger is being pushed out. If I get a decent load, there will be one...
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    Half full vial - Sterility

    Suppose a 5ml vial of cypionate that is half full. Had a few needles punctures but rubber top in good shape. All sterile practices, storage, etc. It does have benzyl alcohol added. If that vial were to sit for a few months, assume it would still be good to go from a sterility standpoint?
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    Visible hole in rubber stopper after fifth injection. Vial contaminated?

    I've done 5 injections from this vial, after the last injection I noticed a small hole in the rubber stopper. The 4 times before that the stopper seemed to seal up completely. I use a 22g needle to draw. Is this normal or is the vial possibly contaminated now? It's a Pfizer 10ml vial, I'm...
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