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  1. S

    Looking for advice in UK

    56 years old. After presenting with typical low T symptoms my Dr requested blood samples. Results as follows: Fasted Testosterone 11.1 Shbg 33 Albumin 41 Calculated Free testosterone 226 pcmol/l Have been advised that these are all within ‘normal’ range and that TRT is unlikely to benefit. I’m...
  2. C

    testosterone enanthate in the uk #

    hi guys was just wondering were everyone sources there Test enanthate in the uk. ive been using lloyds pharmacy but struggling to get hold of any and im rapidly running out. been qouted over £50an ampoule by one place. was wondering if we knew of anywere alse it could be bought. regards
  3. Nelson Vergel

    UK policy statements on testosterone deficiency

    Summary To address widespread media and scientific concerns over the appropriate treatment of TDS with Testosterone Therapy (T Therapy), the Executive Committee of the British Society for Sexual Medicine developed eight consensus statements, based on current scientific evidence to address these...
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