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  1. M

    UK TRT acquired cheaply

    Hi Nelson, thanks for the add. This is my first post. Been on TRT for a few years now, thinking of stopping, quite simply due to the cost. Paying almost £140 per month with current provider and feeling pretty desperate as I don't want to come off it, but I can't afford to continue. Anyone...
  2. S

    TRT in the UK

    Not sure how many people are from the UK here but I thought i'd leave a positive review of my experience with one clinic who offer TRT in the UK - TRT UK - How to get TRT in the UK Safely and Legally - Balance My Hormones I've been using Balance My Hormones for over a year now and Mike Kocsis...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Only 19% of Men Diagnosed with Low Testosterone Are Put on TRT in the UK

    Screening for Hypogonadism in Primary Healthcare: How to do this Effectively BACKGROUND: Testosterone, the most important androgen produced by the testes, plays an integral role in male health. Testosterone levels are increasingly being checked in primary healthcare as awareness of the risks of...
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