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  1. Mojo88

    Needles blunted after penetrating vial

    Have any of you guys noticed that the needles seem to be getting blunted (or dulled in some way) after pushing through a vial? I've been doing TRT for ~7 years now, with mostly pain-free injections into quads, but sometimes it felt like the needles were dull (with some pain), while other times...
  2. C

    syringe confusion - dead space etc.

    I have been injecting 0.25 ml Test. Cypionate, IM in the glutes, every other day. I currently use a 1cc, 25g 5/8" leur lok syringe/needle. I was originally taking it 2x a week, so I drew with a 21g and switched to the 25g to inject. Now, I don't switch. But, it seems like I'm wasting...
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