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  1. C

    High SHBG, Low Free T, and Libido - Can you help me?

    200mg test cyp a week, twice a week injection M/TH 0.125mg Arimidex with injection twice a week. 0.25mg total a week SHBG 49.9 1259 total test Free T 26.4 pg/mL Estradiol ,sensitive 45.4 pg/mL I felt my e2 was low on this and I had brain fog. Irritable, and just depressed. Libido was good...
  2. A

    High Free T, High TT

    Hi Guys, Bit of a dilemma here, Im in Australia and we have been having a bit of testosterone shortage here with no Primoteston since September and Sustanon being in short supply. I have had to miss a couple of injections due to it being hard to source plus I dont want to go back to...
  3. Systemlord

    Everyday TRT protocol dosing suggestions?

    It's been several weeks now since I added anastrozole .125 to my TRT protocol and I'm an over-responder and attempting to dose anastrozole seems like a losing battle, I've tried 1/4 of a .125 EOD which ends with my feeling terrible after only a week. I went 10 days without any AI, days two and...
  4. L

    Struggling with my TRT ..advice or insight plz

    Whats up everyone.. Its been awhile since i last i started a new thread..because alot has changed... I will try my best to be clear and i really appreciate any insight.. 43 yrs 145 lbs very lean and fit..crossfit type training 4-5 days a week and i eat very clean.. Started trt june...
  5. K

    The ups and downs of my TRT protocol with Nebido

    Hi there! I started TRT with NEBIDO in July 2016. I live in Norway, and Nebido seems to be the preferred method here. There has been many challenges for me the last 6-7 months with fine-tuning my protocol, I hope things will be better for me in the coming months. Let me give you some a brief...
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