trt dose.

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    High SHBG and larger, first TRT dose >100mg?

    Seems the standard protocol for TRT is to start at 100mg Test C per week. Should one consider a higher starting dose if they are: 1.) Larger (in my case 6'3", 200lbs, <10%bf) 2.) Have low total T of which a very high amount is SHBG My last test results are: Total test: 499 ng/dL SHBG: 55.1...
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    Labs, high E2, help...

    I was on 120 mgs of testosterone, split at 40 Mgs Monday/ Wednesday / Friday (No AI or HCG)... After 6 weeks... TT=616 Free T=99.8 Bioavialable T=200.9 SHBG=28 (up from 20) Albumin=4.4 Estradiol=51 (high) Hermaticrit=48.3 RBC=5.66 ( donated a pint of blood yesterday) I have been feeling pretty...
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