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  1. phalloguy100

    Defy is awesome!!

    Sorry for the excitement, but just wanted to throw it out there... I had my visit with Defy for a second opinion, and OMG, they were so knowledgeable!!! The doctor new all my medical history and labs almost by heart, and listened to all my concerns about drug interactions with diabetes. He had...
  2. D

    What to ask before starting TRT

  3. J

    Negative Article on TRT Clinic

    I often see negative articles and opinions on TRT in the press and social media. The article "Just Another Drug Dealer" is one of the most negative I've seen in a while. The quote they lead the article with sets the tone: “You can dress up greed, but you can’t stop the stench.” It looks like the...
  4. R

    Rev For Men Mobile Mens Sexual Health Clinic

    A report of initial telephone contact and web site review. The quality of care has not been assessed. edit: The web site actually does offer basic insight on TRT and there is assurance that patients are treated by symptom resolution rather than chasing after numbers. I am updating the...
  5. keithc2485

    does anyone know of a good TRT doc IN NNJ area?

    i have struggled to find a smart enough dr. to not just prescribe me the the drug. i need guidance and monitoring , and no dr I can find knows a damn thing ....if anyone knows anybody in the NNJ area. that would be great....thank you
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel 's New Testosterone Clinic Set-Up and Educational Company

    I hope that along with partners we could improve the level of care and education in the TRT field. Wish us luck! Milestones Solutions provides turnkey solutions for clinics. Our platform simplifies complicated subjects such as clinic setup, patient management, blood tests, and prescriptions...
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