trt basics

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  1. J

    discarding my 10ml vial after 28days more than half full...??

    My long term protocol is 75mg x2 each week which is from a 10ml vial of enanthate...I always feel it is such a waste to discard so much testosterone each month because the advice is always to discard after 28days of first use...Does anyone else feel the same..?
  2. J

    Getting ready to start. trt this weekend

    Well I am ready to start trt this weekend. I am happy to start. Im posting my blood work. I posted half of it before but didnt have everything done. Still might be missing something. Basically I am doing this on my own. In my previous post I had some great feedback but all my blood work was...
  3. E

    Feeling sleepy, groggy but everything else is good

    What should I get checked as far as bloodwork goes? I'm on 50mg x 2 cream on scrotum a day, literally everything is good except for feeling sleepy groggy, low energy at times. I get good sleep but it's hard to get out of bed also I'll be getting regular bloodwork soon but was wondering if I...
  4. L

    TRT 7 weeks in Heart Rate changes

    As the titles says, I’m new to TRT. I’m at the end of my 7th week. Protocol T-cyp 147/150 a week split into 2 shots. No AI. Labs at 6 weeks TT 993 FT 203 E2 54 SHBG 36 Hct 49 Hgb 15.5 RBC 5.4 T4 0.95 T3 1.3 Here’s the question. At week 5 I noticed elevated resting heart rate. This gradually...
  5. A

    Cabergoline for High Prolactin, Low T ???

    I'm on week 2 of TRT, injecting cyp 100mg per week is my protocol with the VA. I told them I was gonna go off the label and inject twice per week, they said they can't treat me if I don't take my meds as directed, so I said "Ok, I'll take them as prescribed" then she laughed. It's like they...
  6. P

    High T and High red blood count Q

    Young heathy men particularly athletes can have 1000 + T naturally. Young men with high T don't typically have high red blood count issues caused by their natural T. Why would young TRT patients or any age TRT patient with the same high T have issues with red blood count?
  7. P

    Best time to do blood work on Trt

    Hello guys...I'm taking another shot at running my own Trt, so I apologize in advance for all the future questions I'll have, but this place is very knowledgeable so I'm hoping to learn alot. I've been running Cyp, and hcg on a standard twice a week injection schedule. It's been about 5-6 weeks...
  8. T

    Why Does Testosterone Increase Blood Thickness?

    If TRT does not cause strokes or heart attacks my questions are: 1. Why does TRT make my blood so thick I have to donate? 2. Why does my doctor have me take aspirin daily? What gives? And I'm so tired of this nagging thought, every day a million times a day, that I'm going to have a heart...
  9. B

    Most Basic of basic questions but how do I get started w TRT

    Just joined and am in the process of research and info gathering about TRT. How do I go about getting information, getting tests and designing a treatment plan without having to go through an expensive anti aging clinic or low T practice that all seem to cost at a minimum $3k per year. Is one...
  10. J

    Start TRT with "Normal" Levels?

    First post here: Been trying to make the jump for a year to start TRT. 6'0 height, 160 lb weight, Total T crashed down to about 275 ng/dl after losing about 50 lbs a little over a year ago. The numbers improved but the symptoms got worse. Doctor (anti-aging clinic) suggests I start TRT for...
  11. G

    New to TRT a few basic Q's

    Hi All, Soon to commence a TRT programme, now 46 years old and had two blood tests over the past year with low free test (most recent below low range), low test (but within range) and high SHBG (lastest test slightly above top end of range). Intending to go with Sustanon 250 0.5ml E5D, with...
  12. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    Is TRT mono therapy practical and more beneficial?

    Hi Guys, I'm in my 9th week of TRT without AI and no HCG. My question is: Is it more beneficial to simplify my protocol at least in the beginning year with just TRT only? My concern is reading all the complications of controlling high and low E2 with an AI can get to be a mesh of its own...
  13. T

    Strange results -- About 4 months on TRT protocol

    Hello all, I'll try to explain the situation as simply as I can. I'm 39, very active until recently because of complete lack of energy and started gaining weight, injuries. I used to train muay thai, wrestling and brazilian jiu jitsu pretty much daily since I was in my teens. In the last year I...
  14. D

    Starting TRT - anxious

    Hello, I recently began TRT at 49 with symptoms of apathy, fatigue, night sweats and low libido. I had the following labs TT 669 E2 17.6 SHBG 116.4 mol/l (reference range 16-55) The calculated free T was 5.34. All other hormones (thyroid, FSH, LH, etc) were normal. The doctor put me on Test...
  15. T

    New to TRT - Not Sure it's Right For Me

    Hi Guys, I am 37 yrs old and diagnosed with primary hypogonadism. My blood work shows my free testosterone level are 44 pg/ml (normal range: 60-166pg/ml). My LH is 23 mIU/mL (normal range: 1.2-12.0mIU/mL). My endo has suggested me to do TRT. From symptoms perspective, i am experiencing brain...
  16. M

    How does testosterone improve brain fog?

    The infamous brain fog is one of the low testosterone symptoms. In my instance TRT lifted it. I've never seen this question answered: What IS testosterone doing metabolically in your body to handle/fix/cure the brain fog. What IS brain fog aside from the usual symptoms cited. Can it be...
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