trimix starting dosage

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    trimix dosage help

    i saw my urologist the other day he put me on trimix and he gave me 10 units in his office i ended up in the emergency room with a 6 hour erection, sucks lol now i want to try 1 unit has anyone tried that small of a dose also i didnt tell him i was still on daily cialis 5mg im not sure if that...
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    First Time User of Trimix, recommended 50 Units! I'm worried

    I've been going through countless forums and reading what people have said about what they dose, and hearing horror stories of doses as low as 10 units putting people in the ER, and yet I'm told to dose 50 Units having never used it before ever. Seeking advice on how to proceed, I don't yet...
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    First Trimix injection tonight!

    I'm starting with the standard 30/1/10 strength of Trimix from Empower, and plan to use my first trimix injection for sex tonight. I've been trying to get this stuff for a few weeks now to dial in the dosage, but many delays have prevented me from getting it in time. First injections seem to...
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