to kisspeptin-10 administration

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  1. A

    Kisspeptin-10 suppression

    I have a simple question about kisspeptin-10 for you. Does kisspeptin-10 administration cause suppression or shutdown of our kisspeptin endogenous production? If so I wonder, When endogenous kisspeptin is suppressed or shut down during the half-life of kisspeptin-10, can occur neuronal atrophy...
  2. C

    Kisspeptin-10 Potential Cardiovascular risk?

    Hey guys , I’d like your opinion on the studies linked below, essentially showing that Kisspeptin 10 is a major vasoconstrictor in the arteries , and is associated with inflammatory plaque response. I was prescribed Kisspeptin-10 from my clinic - and yes it’s sitting in my fridge right now-...
  3. madman

    Age‐dependent changes in the reproductive axis responsiveness to kisspeptin‐10 administration in healthy men

    Abstract The present study was designed to assess the responsiveness of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to kisspeptin administration with increasing age in men. Human kisspeptin‐10 was administered in a single iv bolus dose (1 µg/kg BW) to healthy adult, middle and advanced-age men...
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