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  1. A

    Question about dosage of T3/T4 dosing and Thyroid values.

    63 years of age and have struggled with fat loss for decades. I walk 70,000+ steps per week, lift weights 5 days per week. I eat a very strict diet consisting of: oatmeal, chicken breast, salmon, lean pork, vegetables, yogurt. I weight the meat for correct portion control. I am...
  2. I

    Thyroid Blood Work Experiment: Do Beef Thyroid Supplements do something?

    For a long time, I've seen many experts say TSH should be around 1-2 or 1-1.5. In my blood work, my TSH is always higher and I have a tendency to gain fat easily. Before messing with meds, I decided to try Beef Thyroid supplements a shot, to try to see if this could make any difference to get...
  3. B

    Who is currently taking Thyroid medication ?..

    Who is currently taking thyroid meds? If so, my questions are as follows: 1) did you notice an increase in energy level ? 2) Did you notice an increase in your mood? Are you in a much better mood? 3) do you notice you burn fat easier? 4) did it improve your cholesterol levels? thank you in advance.
  4. mabell

    Recent labs and Reverse T3 (rT3)

    I have three sets of labs at this point and see that my rT3 continues to increase while my t3 and t4 stay on the lower end of optimal. I feel better and some of my symptoms have improved (less dry skin, increase in energy, hair porosity has improved, etc). It was stated that I could get off of...
  5. J

    Thyroid Optimization...

    For those that are also on thyroid medication, can you describe your journey in getting your thyroid levels optimized including type of medication, dosage, pitfalls or mistakes you made along the way, and the noticeable positive impact thyroid meds have had on your life? Thanks
  6. Vince

    Vince's Thyroid Labs from 8/29/2018

    My labs were done 12 hours after I took my meds. Thyroid protocol Synthroid 62.5mcg and Liothyronine 37.5 mcg. I also take Tiomel 25mcg in the afternoon, these labs were done before that dose.
  7. buggies100

    Thyroid meds from india?

    My nest buddy is in air force, reserves now after years of active duty. He is in need of meds for hypothroid, t3 and t4,something like armor. Problem is he will have to get a medical waiver to do it and stay in reserves. Problem with that is it is a 5 year backlog for waiver. So he would...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Article: Armour, Desiccated, Levothyroxine, & Liothyronine- Any Differences?

    Explaining the Different Thryroid Medications: Armour, Desiccated, Levothyroxine, & Liothyronine Explaining the Different Thryroid Medications: Armour, Desiccated, Levothyroxine, & Liothyronine by Jasen Bruce With the ever increasing price of the brand “Armour Thyroid”, which is a popular...
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