thyroid levels

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  1. F

    High TSH, normal fT3 & fT4 - antibodies & rT3 OK.

    And really low free testosterone. TSH 4.54 (0.27 - 4.20) uIU/mL fT3, free 3.6 (2.0 - 4.4) pg/mL ft4, free 1.24 (0.93 - 1.70) ng/dL Iodine intake is (and always has been) optimal. Any advice where to go from here? I used to think it was do to low T. But now I'm hearing that my low T is...
  2. A

    Thyroid numbers "good" but have many symptoms....

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can give some insight to this situation. I have many hypothyroid symptoms but my bloodwork is typically in range. I have taken some low dose T3 to bring down the rT3. This provided some symptom relief initially but then changed to anxiety and a wired feeling so...
  3. M

    Timing of testing thyroid hormone levels

    The consensus of opinion from most practitioners is to NOT take your med for at least 7 hours prior to lab draw. I had always taken my morning dose about 2 hours before draws and likely received misleading serum levels until I recently changed to taking my last dose about 15 hours prior to the...
  4. H

    In Europe, Thyroid Question

    Hi , I am quite happy with my Trt regimen but I still feel tired . I did an analysis of thyroid hormones and I would be grateful for some advice . TSH 3° gen. uUI/ml - 4.9* [ 0,27 - 4,70 ] Cortisolo ng/ml - 64,6 Morning: 52,7 - 224,5 Afternoon: 34,4 - 167,6 FT4 pmoli/l - 10,94 [ 9,0 -...
  5. DragonBits

    The Association of Reduced Thyroid Function With Longevity

    I see a lot of theories about optimum thyroid levels needing to be near the top of the typical T3 range and for TSH be near the low end of the range. But studies indicate for longevity, higher TSH levels nearer the high end of the range and lower thyroid hormone levels are indicated. I note...
  6. V

    Test levels LOWER after switching to injections?!

    Alright yeah, title sums it up. Switched to 200 mg/ml a week in July along with HCG. Was formerly doing half a pill of Clomid every day. I stopped as I believed it was worsening my depression. I have 1mg of Arimidex as well was taking once a week but was informed it might be crashing estrogen...
  7. Vince

    Vince's Thyroid Labs from 8/29/2018

    My labs were done 12 hours after I took my meds. Thyroid protocol Synthroid 62.5mcg and Liothyronine 37.5 mcg. I also take Tiomel 25mcg in the afternoon, these labs were done before that dose.
  8. D

    Thyroid values

    Hey guys, Just had some bloodwork done during a time I was actually sick with a stomach flu but I wanted to report the results to see if anything stands out. TSH: 0.75 FT3: 2.4 (2.0-4.4) FT4: 1.08 (.82-1.77) The free T 3/4 values look pretty low. Anything I can do to bring that up? I feel...
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