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    I updated 2 lipid tests both drawn at same day/time: STANDARD PANEL and the ADVANCED PANEL 1 (with ref ranges) and ADVANCED PANEL 2 (historical graphs) Here’s a comparison with PREVIOUS STANDARD PANEL and PREVIOUS ADVANCED PANEL. With this comparison, you can now see how misleading standard...
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    Has anyone noticed an increased in glucose readings, specifically fasting glucose, after taking any thyroid replacement meds for some time (i.e. Armour, Synthroid, etc.)? According to this article, "The levothyroxine elevated the patient’s blood sugar to the point where hypoglycemia resolved...
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    Three month bloods in - couple questions

    Got a couple of weeks before my appointment with Dr Saya, but my results are in. There's a few red flags, and hoping someone could shed some light on them so that I feel a little bit better! *I tried posting this in the bloodwork section but kept getting a page not found error* I'm 34 years...
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    Thyroid supplementation... does it suppress your natural Thyroid?

    I've been searching all over the net and I can't get a solid answer. I have only found one site (a medical site/doctor) that states that small doses of NDT from 15mg up to 60mg will not shut down your natural thyroid production... 120mg and up will however suppress natural Thyroid... Does...
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    T3, T4 and SHBG

    I read that thyroid meds can increase SHBG. Questions: 1. I have not found definitive info if it is the T4 in the meds or the T3 or both that cause this effect? 2. Is there any info on dose-response of Thryoid on SHBG? I'm being treated for hypogonadism (Cypionate 200mg/weekly +...
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