testosterone trough level

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  1. B

    Trough for once weekly vs twice weekly

    My Dr wants me injecting 100mg once weekly and blood taken at trough the day before injecting. I have been splitting it up to 50mg e3.5d. what kind of difference would be expected in the blood work between those two schedules. If I inject Monday am and Thursday am then draw Sunday will the...
  2. Mission

    Now with hCG, concerning bloodwork 7 months into TRT

    Hoping to get some advice about my latest labs and protocol. I’m not sure what changes would be best at this point. I’m not confident in my TRT office and am considering switching docs. Anyway brief background…. Initial protocol and 1st labs after 7 weeks on TRT led to this: Doing this twice...
  3. S

    Poll- What trough testosterone level do you feel best overall?

    I wanted to do a poll to see where most men feel best in general once finding a treatment plan that works. It seems more people on the forums are moving to lower doses and feeling better. Option 1-400-599ng Option 2-600-799ng Option 3-800-999ng Option 4-1000-1200ng
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