testosterone protocol

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    Daily protocol from 150mg total /3x week

    I have been on 50mg Test Cyp x3 weekly (150mg total M,W,F) with x3 .125 anastrozole (M,W,F) for several years now through Defy. I've always felt "ok" on it, not great but better than pre-TRT. I've had issues with high HCT and low ferritin from frequent blood donations so wanted to try and...
  2. K

    Please Help: Testosterone Protocol Advice Needed (Low Libido)

    Hello everybody, I'm hoping for some serious advice from people suffering from low T. I have had low T for years, never getting out of the 300's even though I was in my 20's, 30s, and now 40's. Of course I had doctors tell me that I was still in the normal range so they didn't want to treat me...
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