testosterone; hematocrit

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  1. madman

    The Effect of Route of Testosterone on Changes in Hematocrit

    Study Need and Importance: Secondary erythrocytosis, defined as hematocrit (HCt) ≥51% in males, is a well-known consequence of testosterone therapy. Testosterone formulation and route of administration can significantly influence changes in HCt, but the degree of HCt increases has not been...
  2. K

    Study re: bi-weekly injections

    Hi guys I'm considering bi-weekly injections to better manage hct, then I saw this... thoughts? Now i'm confused. Thoughts? Thanks, Kaes American Urological Association
  3. H

    Testosterone levels keep dropping

    I have been using the same protocol for a while and my testosterone levels keep dropping but my RBC, Hemoglobin and hematocrit going up (i used to donate blood every 2-3 months but stopped to see if hematocrit would stabilize - i wasnt expecting raising lvls with testosterone dropping) I am...
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