testosterone blood level

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  1. S

    HPTA restart need help

    Hi guys My name is Garðar and I’m from Iceland, i need advice on dr scally’s protocol. The post i was reading your comments has been locked I hope it’s ok that I post here. I’ve twice done steroid cycles and I’m prettt extreme when it comes to evertthing lol(addict but sober now 2 years) My...
  2. keithc2485

    does spraying alcohol on application site after drying help absorbtion ?

    for androgel after it dries does anyone know if it would make a difference to spray the area with alcohol and get all the dried glaze wet again ? it crossed my mind, has n e one done this b4? if so let me know your thoughts thanks :cool: Scruffy
  3. T

    19 years old, low testosterone

    Hey guys! (Sry for some grammatical issues, my native language isnt English) I have just joined the forum, but I was on this site several times ago and have read some interesting articles (how long till test effects are significant, ...). After months, actually more or less years of...
  4. B

    Help on Interpreting Bloodwork...looking for possible trends my endocrinologist might be missing

    Anything stand out to you guys in this bloodwork? The one from August 2013 was ordered by my primary physician. The rest were done by my endocrinologist. I'm going to my urologist next week to see where to go from here. :cool: Date;Test;Result;Reference Interval 06/03/14;Testosterone...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Total testosterone over 550 ng/dL reduced the risk of cardiovascular events

    In a revealing new study, researchers identified 2,416men (aged 69-81 years) who were not on any kind of testosterone- affecting treatment. These men were subjected to a battery of blood tests that included total testosterone and estradiol (estrogen). The first observation was that men with...
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