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  1. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Replacement Products in the U.S.: Video Review by Nelson Vergel

    Nelson reviews dosing and other key information about each testosterone product approved by the FDA in the United States. There are numerous hypogonadism (low testosterone) treatment options, each with its own mode of administration, pharmacokinetic profile, dose sequence, and adverse effect...
  2. F

    Timeline for recovering from testicular atrophy using HCG

    1. How long did it take you to regain normal testicle size once adding HCG to your protocol? 2. What was your dosage and injection schedule? 3. Did it cause or resolve ED? I have not been able to find any reliable studies on this so I am looking for anecdotal experiences. Ill make a full post...
  3. F

    Have You Tried Any Commercial Transdermal Testosterone Product?

    For reasons described here, I would like to gather information on who is using one of the commercial transdermal products. Please post feedback on your experience (successes or failures).
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Learn Quickly About Testosterone Deficiency and Its Treatments

    I hope you enjoy this part 1. Yes, it is almost 2 hours long but I concentrated everything I know so that you do not have to read for hours.
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Testosterone Replacement Options

    In theory testosterone replacement should approximate the body's own natural production of the hormone. The average male produces 4 to 7 mg of testosterone a day with plasma levels in early morning and lower levels in the evening. Women produce around a 12th of those rates. Testosterone...
  6. R

    Thinking of switching from Testim gel to injections!Advice please!

    Hello everyone! I do have 25 years old and I am on TRT for almost 6 weeks now ,with Testim gel! In all this time , if I had a total of 5 hours of benefits with Testim gel.. I don`t know, maybe it is because I am using it night time and the peak is 12 hours from what I understand! Anyway , my...
  7. J

    Downwards T values... to bottom.

    I had posted description of the problem on FB first. I move it here... I had been on Testim treatment for slightly over two months. I had received request of blood reanalysis and consultancy with dr. Something went apparently not really right. Initial value for total testosterone was 7,5...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Launch Of Authorized Generic Version Of Testosterone Gel

    Auxilium Pharmaceuticals today announced that it has partnered with Prasco, LLC ("Prasco") to introduce an Authorized Generic version of Testim(R) (testosterone gel). Prasco has product inventory available and has commenced shipping product. Testim and its Authorized Generic version are...
  9. Nelson Vergel

    Auxillium, makers of Testim, Sales Decline After Negative Testosterone Press

    In the first quarter of 2014, the Company expects to record worldwide Testim revenues of approximately $11 to 13 million, compared to $45.5 million in the first quarter of 2013; full-year Testim sales for 2014 are now expected to be less than $85 million. The Company is continuing to finalize...
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Financial Assistance for Testosterone (injections,Androgel, Testim, Fortesta, Axiron)

    I hope this information helps some of you who may be needing financial assistance Patient Assistance Programs Testosterone Cypionate: http://www.needymeds.org/generic_list.taf?_function=name&name=testosterone%20cypionate testosterone cypionate (Depo Testosterone) testosterone...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Products: Oral, Transdermal, Injectable, and More

    From the book: Testosterone: A Man's Guide Testosterone Formulations In theory, testosterone replacement should approximate the body's own natural production of the hormone. The average male produces 4 to 7 mg of testosterone a day with higher plasma levels in the early morning and lower...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Most Men on Androgel and Testim Stop Using Them

    Medication Adherence and Treatment Patterns for Hypogonadal Patients Treated with Topical Testosterone Therapy: A Retrospective Medical Claims Analysis Michael Jay Schoenfeld, MA, Emily Shortridge, PhD, Zhanglin Cui, PhD, and David Muram, MD Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN, USA DOI...
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