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  1. Abonicex

    How many people are there here who have lost their testicles or most of them? I'd like to talk to you.

    Hi. Could we talk? Lost like 80% volume after a chemical accident. Been very different since then. I'm on TRT since like 6 - 8 months I think. Do you have symptoms like no libido, apathy, bad erections, not related to the typical things we check (estrogen, testosterone)?
  2. N

    HCG/Clomid/Enclomiphene for testicular growth without trt?

    Hey guys, I need your help. I got some severe testicular atrophy going on. from bigger than a walnut to smaller than an almond in over a year. Sometimes they disappear completely and the sack is shrunken. I never took Testosterone so I can't really figure out whats going on down there, but it...
  3. Fernando Almaguer

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy and No HCG

    I have heard that not using HCG concurrently with TRT will cause shrikage of improtant testicular cells and death over time. Rendering the balls damaged. I have also heard that HCG is not necessary if one does not feel good on it. And we can regain fertility just by adding a fertility...
  4. J

    e2 effect on testicular size?

    Hey guys! my current protocol is .2ml test EOD and 500iu HCG 2x per week and no AI. Without any reason I can think of my boys seem either high and tight and other times they hang nice they way I like them lol. It can vary from week to week. Without HCG they definitely start to get sore and...
  5. S

    HCG and Testicle Pain?

    I have been on HCG a couple years. Lately I have been getting mild pain in the left testicle. The pain is more like a soreness and it only happens when touching or rolling it around. I was just wondering if this could be from the HCG The pain is in the left testicle, which hangs about an inch...
  6. P

    Testicular Ache - Reasons?

    Hey...wanted to post something here in the hope of gaining some insight or advice: Four weeks ago, my regiment was changed as follows: Decrease test cyp injection from 25ml every 2.5 days to 20ml every 2.5 days...decrease HCG from 500iu every 3.5 days to 250iu every 3.5 days. Also...
  7. P

    Doctors discover why severe coronavirus cases are more common in men

    Interesting read - ACE2 from Testicles Doctors discover why severe coronavirus cases are more common in men Actual Study Link https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.16.20060566v1.full.pdf
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Keep Your Testicles Cool for Best Fertility

    Effect of scrotal heating on sperm quality, seminal biochemical substances, and reproductive hormones in human fertile men. At present, male contraceptive methods are only vasectomy and condoms, so it is necessary to research on male contraceptive techniques. The aim of this study is to observe...
  9. D

    So I have pretty small balls, I'm on "TRT" and I want to get my girlfriend pregnant!

    Hi guys, First time posting here after having read, watched and listened to a lot of the content produced by this site. Thank you for that! I am a 28 year old male, who have been using steroids for the past 4 years. While I am in no rush, I would like to get my girlfriend pregnant, and if...
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Some Frequently Asked hCG Questions

    Frequently Asked hCG Questions: 1. Do I still take hCG in conjunction with the Anastrozole? Yes. It is completely appropriate to be treated with hCG and Anastrozole at the same time. They perform very different and important functions and can work well together in a comprehensive testosterone...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Testicle Size: Testosterone Injections vs hCG vs T gel

    Effects of Three Different Medications on Metabolic Parameters and Testicular Volume in Patients With Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism 3-Year Experience Clin Endocrinol. 2013;79(2):243-251. Abstract Introduction The aim of this study was to demonstrate the influences of three different...
  12. jger242

    HCG How long until it starts to work

    I am taking 250 ius 2 days and 250 ius 1 day prior to my weekly Tcyp injection.(100 mg) Mood seems improved and testicular aches greatly reduced after 2 1/2 weeks. How long until testicular size begins to come back? Thanks Jim
  13. Nelson Vergel

    How to Know if You Have a Testicular Disorder

    This is an interesting presentation about different testicular disorders that men may have but that they do not usually talk about (click on the arrow symbol to see slides)...
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