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  1. R

    Testicular question

    So I’ve been on trt a month. Balls have shrunken a little. Being married with kids of perfectly happy with my new size. At 4-5 weeks out. Are they done shrinking?
  2. xqfq

    Testicles “retracting” during sex?

    Hi everyone- I’ve got a somewhat unusual question. I searched around and couldn’t find similar questions out there and so I’m hoping someone here may have some insight. Since beginning TRT 10 weeks ago, my testicles have begun “retracting” into my body during sex. This doesn’t seem to happen...
  3. L

    Hcg ?

    I have been taking 100mg a week for around 2 years now for low t caused by chronic pain meds. I'm 38 and would consider it a blessing if I could have one more child, so I've started taking hcg 500iu three times a week for a month and 2 weeks and don't feel my testicals growing of the tingling in...
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