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  1. D

    New member - pre TRT blood test results

    Could I get some advice/suggestions on my blood Test results? I got the first test done in July 2019 through medichecks.com (UK) and a few repeat tests in Nov 2019 through my GP (GP said everything looks normal). These were done fasted at 9am Symptoms -Low/Loss of Libido -ED (weaker...
  2. B

    first post need some direction

    I have been on trt for last 2 years. for the last year Im on 420mg testc/week. split between 2 doses. 1000mcg hcg split between two doses. and .75mg arimdex split 3 doses. My test results are irrelivant because i foolishly would skip injections prior to test to skew numbers so my dr would up...
  3. J

    Why these different results??

    All, sorry for the long post and appreciate all the advise but here is my story. I am a 40 yr old male. Work has been stressful the last few years with long hours, bad food, lots of travel and shitty work. About 4 years ago, I noticed that I was having issues maintaining erections, then I...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Blood Tests Pre and On Testosterone Replacement

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