tamoxifen gynecomastia

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  1. Gianluca

    Tamoxifen Gel for Gyno feedback

    I would like to hear if there are more people who have tried the Tamoxifen gel lately. Has it changed anything on your blood work or protocol? es. Did it lower your E2 or IGF-1? have you felt any different using it? thanks
  2. V

    I want to remove gyno, have done research

    I’ve had gyno beginning with corticosteroids from asthma treatment in 5th grade. It’s caused me embarrassment, and I overtrained in college years ago to manage it as best I could. I didn’t know it was caused by hormones. I regrettably took Saw Palmetto and it reverted back as I couldn’t workout...
  3. D

    Is someone using tamoxifen cream instead of oral use?

    I wonder if someone is using tamoxifen cream and what they think.
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) Nipple Cream for Gynecomastia Now Available at Empower Pharmacy

    I have proposed to Empower Pharmacy to make this product which will be launched in a month. What do you guys think about applying this gel on nipples if you fear that you may be developing gynecomastia? One drawback of oral tamoxifen is decreased IGF-1 that can impair muscle gains. We do not...
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