t-boosters; testosterone; benefits/risks

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  1. madman

    Navigating the unregulated terrain of testosterone boosters

    Dear Editor, Recent times have witnessed a surge in interest in various fields related to Testosterone replacement therapy(TRT). Both the American Urological Association and the Society for Endocrinology endorse the use of testosterone for patients exhibiting clear signs of hypogonadism[1,2]...
  2. madman

    Testosterone Boosters: Ergogenic properties, safety evaluation, and regulations of selected ingredients in supplements

    ABSTRACT Testosterone boosters (TB) are multi-ingredient dietary supplements that have gained popularity among athletes and the general population. However, certain ingredients in TB are associated with adverse events. The aim of the present study was to analyze dietary TB supplements available...
  3. madman

    Do “testosterone boosters” really increase serum total testosterone?

    Testosterone boosters are heavily marketed on social media and marketplaces to men with claims to significantly increase testosterone. Lax industry regulation has allowed sales of supplements to thrive in the absence of verification of their purported benefits. Our primary objective was to...
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