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  1. D

    Testosterone + HCG in Same Syringe

    I know some here combine the doses. Can you tell me technique and size syringe/needle you use? I’ll be using cypionate and pregnyl. Lure-Lok syringe or integral diabetic style?
  2. C

    Prefilled testosterone syringes: rubber plunger bloating!

    Hi everyone. Noticed on this forum some talk in the archives about prefilled syringes. Well, it has been something I have been doing for numerous years at times without realizing it was wrong. Below you can see a picture of a syringe filled with cypionate about two weeks ago, now showing great...
  3. S

    27G x 1/2 VS 25G x 5/8

    Switched from IM to SQ a few months ago, been using 25G x 5/8 insulin syringe at 90 degrees in my incredibly fat belly. Specifically, between 2-4 inches away from the belly button on either side. The way it “feels” and how quickly i react to it, i think im actually doing a shallow im...
  4. T

    Are millilitre amounts consistent across syringes?

    I am switching from insulin needle to a more typical syringe with (reduced) deadspace, to try out deeper IM injections. What is confusing is that insulin needles have no dead space whilst typical syringes do. Making the switch I really want to avoid fluctuations, I have a narrow dose where I...
  5. A

    Syringe change questions

    Hi all, Been on trt about 5 years. Bloodwork been stable for quite a while now. Happy with how everything is going. Recently I changed from luer lock syringes to 27g insulin syringes for my testosterone shots. Been thinking about it, when i used to use the old syringes there would be a tiny...
  6. S

    Acceptable Air Bubble?

    No matter how I try, I am always left with a tiny air bubble. I ever so slightly overfill beyond my intended dose to make up for it. Should I be aiming to have zero air bubble in the syringe? I've included a pic of the air bubble in my 10mg daily shot.
  7. A

    Do I need to lower my dose when switching to an insulin syringe?

    I recently started using insulin syringes, rather than the typical hypodermic needle. I inject 30mg every other day, and felt this would be much more convenient in terms of sustainability and preventing needle fatigue. However, when using a hypodermic needle with a replaceable tip, there is...
  8. I

    Remvoing air bubbles HCG

    Hi, I recently introduced HCG to my protocol and let me tell you. Removing air bubbles from my syringe is a serious bitch. I searched all over the internet, but apparently i am the only one who actually has a hard deal getting rid of the air. I am using 29G 1/2 inch (same type of syringe i...
  9. T

    Injection procedure - test cyp in cottonseed oil

    I've recently ditched the 18g drawing needle for a 27g (same as I inject with). I'm finding that half the time when I stick the needle in the cyp bottle and pull down on the plunger, I get no test/oil. I generally start by drawing 0.2ml of air into the syringe which I inject into the cyp...
  10. A

    Blood in hub of syringe!

    I just injected .5cc 1nch into my quad and when I aspirated i only saw air. After injecting I pushed hard on the plunger to make sure all the testosterone got in me. When I pulled out I noticed the entire hub was full of blood. Did I inject into a vein or vessel? If so is this a wasted shot I...
  11. V

    Loading the syringe is difficult

    I’m trying to load T in the syringe, but the air pressure inside seems off. I will add or pull air, but it’s either pulling mostly air and the liquid slowly drips down, tiny air bubbles are forming at the syringe, or the plunger is being pushed out. If I get a decent load, there will be one...
  12. L

    Drawing Test Cyp into the needle / issues

    I am having a terrible time drawing the test into the syringe. I push the desired amount of air in, tip upside down, make sure the needle is submerged and draw slowly only to get air. It takes me 15 min to get the desired amount, having to draw, constantly pushing air back into vile then drawing...
  13. I

    Weird way of loading syringes

    Hi, So, i’ve switched to insulin syringes today but there’s one problem with filling them up ‘normally’. My testosterone comes in ampoules instead of vials so it’s very difficult to load syringes the normal way. What i do is - i am using another syringe, loading it up, then remove the plunger...
  14. K

    Testosterone Enanthate gets "stuck" in syringe

    Hi, im from Norway. Ive been on T enanthate testoviron for about 3 years. When i was to pick up my last prescription at the farmacy they were sold out, and not only that farmacy, but all the farmacys in the whole country. Its just crazy, new deliveries of testoviron expected in December, but...
  15. DixieWrecked

    Fixed Needle Syringe Recommendation

    What do you think of this fixed needle syringe for injecting .25ml? Easy Touch 27 G 1 cc 1/2 in Insulin Syringes - 100 ea I have grown tired of seeing the waste inside the "low dead space" needles. 29 gauge takes too long to draw and inject. 27 seems about right. I also like the .5ml...
  16. M

    Storing T in Syringe?

    Hey guys, I've read some of the advice on this forum and actioned some of the tips, but my healthcare provider just 'blew a gasket' when I told him how I was attempting to prevent T wastage. I'm UK based and my current protocol is 0.5ml of Sustanon 250 every 5days, with HCG every 3.5 days...
  17. L

    Syringe help

    Hello All, I was using: Syringe1mL InsulinNeedle Gauge27g Needle Length1/2'' I was getting lumps in my belly fat area since I inject subQ. I inquired about this and was told to use a 25 gauge 5/8 length one instead. They said the 27 gauge isnt long enough and maybe thats why I was getting...
  18. S

    Best place for Syringes?

    Didn't realize I just used my last 23 Gauge Syringe and I need to inject Wednesday. Anyone buy off amazon? I don't believe Walmart or Walgreens carries smaller gauge (non insulin) syringes correct? I was going to grab these but no delivery till Monday:
  19. J

    Changing Inj Frequency - Please Help

    So I am changing from 1 injection of 180 mg per week going to two injections. I was previously using a 3cc syringe. I now purchased a 1 cc syringe. My plan is to inject 2 x per week for a total of 140mg. Would I inject 35 cc twice per week? The testosterone vial I have is 1ml 200mg.
  20. V

    Injecting Test with EasyTouch insulin syringe?

    Hello everyone. I am just posting this quick question. I am out of longer syringes that would be used to inject myself in the thigh muscle but still have easytouch syringes for my HCG. Theyre thin and short so im not sure they would reach my muscle. Are these syringes sufficient to inject or not?
  21. H

    For those who inject T and HCG on same syringe

    I am traveling i took with me just the enough dosage of testosterone and HCG to last my trip. For the first time I injected HCG + testosterone using the same syringe. My question is: a bit of testosterone got inside the HCG vial because I accidentally pushed the plunger with the HCG +...
  22. H

    Insulin syringe - air bubbles

    I recently switched the syringe i was using to inject testosterone cypionate shallow IM. I bought insulin needles from easy touch (27G 1/2 inch). A lot of times i get a tiny bubble that no matter what i do i cannot push out the syringe. Anyone else has this issue? When i was using BD insulin...
  23. J

    Where can I buy 27 Gauge 1 cc syringes?

    Guys - I've looked over several needle size threads and poked around online. Any idea where I can find a 27g, 1 inch needle? Or even 5/8? Thanks.
  24. M

    HCG Mixing Needle, Sterility, discard after 1 month?

    Hi, I just started HCG. I have been on T-Cyp for years. The kit came with an 18G needle for mixing the water into the powder. This is a big needle and made a big hole in the rubber stopper. Maybe even bigger as I was pointing the water at the side of the vial. Today I did my second...
  25. B

    Insulin Needle Question and shout out To AllegroMedical

    Hey guys- not sure this is the right thread, so please feel free to move elsewhere if appropriate, mods. Quick shoutout to Allegro Medical- I ordered these 28g insulin syringes Monday night with 99c promo shipping. They estimated 7-10 days to Florida where I live and it showed up just after...
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