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    Cypionate and Synthroid

    Been on cypionate for about 7 months now, levels are good. Just did TSH with different doctor and my level was a lot higher than previously and been on same dosage of synthroid for last few years. Question is,does cypionate affect synthroid medication? TSH level usually around 1.51 and was...
  2. M


    Has anyone noticed an increased in glucose readings, specifically fasting glucose, after taking any thyroid replacement meds for some time (i.e. Armour, Synthroid, etc.)? According to this article, "The levothyroxine elevated the patient’s blood sugar to the point where hypoglycemia resolved...
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    Question on Latest Thyroid Labs

    My TSH has been elevated for years, and even though I have several classic low thyroid symptoms — sluggish in mornings, intermittent brain fog, the early afternoon crash — I've avoided going on thyroid meds because my free T3 is always right in the middle of the range. For my latest set of...
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    Best way to take supplements with thyroid medication

    So i have thyroid combination treatment for hypothyroid with TRT 125mcg T4 + 40mcg T3 day. What is the best and proper way to take supplements that they dont interferce each others absortion and my thyroid medication. I know magnesium, calcium iron etc have to take about 6h away from thyroid...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Low Thyroid Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment by Allison Woodworth

    Allison Woodworth (from explains the main symptoms, diagnosis tests and therapies to treat low thyroid function.
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Article: Armour, Desiccated, Levothyroxine, & Liothyronine- Any Differences?

    Explaining the Different Thryroid Medications: Armour, Desiccated, Levothyroxine, & Liothyronine Explaining the Different Thryroid Medications: Armour, Desiccated, Levothyroxine, & Liothyronine by Jasen Bruce With the ever increasing price of the brand “Armour Thyroid”, which is a popular...
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