sweet spot

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  1. Blackhawk

    Testosterone dosing frequency: What is your sweet spot relative to SHBG and HCT?

    I'd like to try to get a little quantitative data. If you have found anything close to a sweet spot in terms of T cyp dosing frequency, what is your; -dosing frequency and amount? -your SHBG? -your HCT? (and do you donate blood to keep it in range?) -E2 And please elaborate on any aspect of...
  2. You Gonna Learn Today

    Chasing the sweet spot

    I have a question/idea about chasing that sweet spot, mostly all of us look to experience. Since I started TRT, I've only felt that feeling twice. The first time was when I first switched from 200mg TCyp every two weeks to 200mg once per week. But then I didn't feel it after the first 2 days...
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