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  1. A

    Excessive sweating on thyroid medications

    Hi guys. I've been doing well so far with the introduction of thyroid medications to my regimen. It seems TRT alone was slowly killing my already lazy thyroid and I was feeling always tired and in a low mood state, despite proper androgens numbers on paper. I then started adding T4 first, but...
  2. W

    Excessive sweating potentially due to low T?

    Hi all, For as long as I can remember I’ve had an issue with excessive sweating even during my childhood years. If I’m in a hot place I can sweat easily but the most embarrassing is very early during sexual intercourse so much that I have to stop. It’s definitely abnormal as my girlfriend or...
  3. W

    Free testosterone 8.8ng/dl

    Hi all, I’ve recently decided to get some blood tests done to assess where my total and free testosterone levels are at as I’ve for a very long time been suffering with ED issues. I would say I also have a lack of energy and motivation to do anything. The first blood test I have my results...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Low Estradiol Increases Hot Flashes and Sweating in Men with Low Testosterone

    Note: VMS are episodes of profuse heat accompanied by sweating and flushing, experienced predominantly around the head, neck, chest, and upper back. Effects of Testosterone and Estradiol Deficiency on Vasomotor Symptoms in Hypogonadal Men. Randomized controlled trial Taylor AP, et al. J Clin...
  5. 1

    heavy sweating and Anxiety questions, Blood tests attached

    Wanted to post a update with some questions. been on TRT 4 mo 2x70mg test week 2x250iu HCG week then 2weeks ago Dr. Crisler anded .25 Mg Anastrozole x2 week and DIIN x2 week I feel ok minus sweating a lot more than normal. I work indoors in the AC, as soon as I start to move I sweat. My body...
  6. B

    Some sweating at night and lack of morning wood

    Hey guys, Just finished my fifth week and I'm having the symptoms listed in the title. Some nights I am waking up a little sweaty. Not drenched but sweaty mainly on my chest and neck. Also, morning wood seems to have disappeared. Also my nipples seem to stay a bit hard and sore/sensitive...
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