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  1. O

    Too Many Supplements

    So I took a look through the supplements cupboard this morning while I was cleaning up and found this stash that's been sitting for a while. Currently I om only taking zinc/copper and magnesium (for my tendonitis) and I won't be buying more z/c once finished. It never ceases to amaze me how...
  2. andrewBwinter

    Creatine Monohydrate Increased DHT over 3 weeks

    I found this study interesting using creatine monohydrate for a loading week and 2 maintenance weeks. If DHT is considered to be the more important T than FT, maybe that's why there is so much positive data on creatine. It remains to be seen if TRT and creatine might create the famed "one two...
  3. J

    Suggestions with TRT and symptoms

    Hello my friends, my name is Jean, i'm from brazil, I studied and learning by myself (usually with google scholar and dvd courses of some doc) about nutraceuticals, hormones, herbs and etc, since 2015. My target is to solve: cognitive impairment, I usually forget what I say, I have difficults...
  4. andrewBwinter

    The role of NO in the management of OA

    Sorry for the short forms on Nitric Oxide and Ostreoarthritis. I have been looking at alternate management methods for my hip OA and discovered by accident that when I take my pre-workout (L-Citrulline) and head to the gym, the pain in my hip goes away. A vasodialator might be the answer...
  5. andrewBwinter

    Do we have a sticky for supplement timing?

    After reading posts about sleep disorders from supplements, do we have a general guide for timing supplements based on what they traditionally effect? (sleep, energy, libido, etc.) (everyone is different) Anecdotal instances are welcome. For instance, some people take magnesium to relax at...
  6. D

    CJC 1295/Ipamorelin and supplements

    Hey guys, I'm currently taking CJC 1295+Ipamorelin and wanted to get some thoughts around taking other supplements with regard to using these peptides and avoiding food/insulin. I inject right before going to bed at least 2 hours after eating to avoid insulin interfering. I normally take some...
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