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  1. Gianluca

    Carl Lanore reversed a stroke with TB500

    I was amazed of what this peptide did for him. The Peptide world is relatively new to me, beside my doc prescribing some BPC-157 for some shoulder issues, I really don’t know much of anything else about it. In the first 20min of the video below he explains everything...
  2. P

    high hematocrit levels

    have not been able to donate blood at red cross due to high hematocrit levels. Finally got a therapeutic phlebotomy and now my levels are below 50%. Before the phlebotomy, level was about 56% and increasing upwards. About 2-3 months before getting a handle on high RBCs, I had some typical...
  3. R

    Is TRT dangerous?

    Just met with a local highly regarded endocrinologist because I wanted his take on my TRT situation. Been on TRT for 6 months and have had elevated hematocrit (54-55%) and hemoglobin (18’s) the whole time. He said what I’m doing (TRT) is dangerous and I’m at higher risk for heart attack and...
  4. bennettjc

    TRT Associated With Decreased Risk of Stroke, MI, and Death in New Study?

    Looking forward to hearing more details and maybe even reading this study. But the data highlighted in this press release are most intriguing.
  5. D

    Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can increase men's risk of stroke and heart attack (July 18, 2019)

    Edit: The URL lost its way. (god i wish forum software would standardize on one set of editing standards :( ) Post script: My doc's attitude seems to be that nobody needs HRT exdept in very unusual or extreme cases, I assume, because she is very reluctant to even discuss the issue. Here it...
  6. J

    Study Finds Increased Risk of CVD from TRT

    A newly published study found an increased risk of stroke and myocardial infarction from testosterone replacement therapy. The risk was elevated for the first two years of treatment, suggesting that there is a subpopulation at risk, presumably those with existing heart disease. The journal...
  7. T

    Why Does Testosterone Increase Blood Thickness?

    If TRT does not cause strokes or heart attacks my questions are: 1. Why does TRT make my blood so thick I have to donate? 2. Why does my doctor have me take aspirin daily? What gives? And I'm so tired of this nagging thought, every day a million times a day, that I'm going to have a heart...
  8. M

    Can erythrocytosis cause a stroke?

    So my understanding is that if it is TRT raising your hematocrit levels, this is erythrocytosis not Polycythemia (Poly). Poly can cause a stroke but can erytho? I should be watching platelet counts and not hematocrit/hemoglobin?.. my platelets have not gone up in the 4 years on TRT That...
  9. I

    Blood Clot/Stroke

    Hi, After my HCT and HB going up, I have a few concerns what are the chances of blood clotting/Stroke with TRT, what precautions should one take, I started aspirin but don't know if it is good? Also if I take HCG twice a week will my brain get used to the new HCG and not make mine if I quit...
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Higher testosterone and DHT linked with reduced strokes. Estradiol had no effect.

    Yeap BB, Alfonso H, Paul Chubb SA, et al. In older men, higher plasma testosterone or dihydrotestosterone are independent predictors for reduced incidence of stroke but not myocardial infarction. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Context: Older men have lower testosterone...
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